Hidden Fires


Some people have a hidden richness waiting to be discovered. They don’t advertise it, but it’s there for those willing to scratch beneath the surface.” John Mark Green


The magical lights inside a star sapphire are not immediately visible.  You need a direct light and shift its position to see it come to life.  Just as in real life, we sometimes have to shine a light on our own inner dreams, and make a shift in our priorities and paths to make them flash into the light.



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Hidden Fires features 6 carats of a Star sapphire handcrafted in a sterling silver pendant..  Star sapphires are a rarer variety of sapphire which when viewed under a direct light source (and tilting and rotating the stone in different angles), a six-rayed star will appear to float across the surface of the stone. The 1 1/2 by 1 1/4-inch, one-of-a-kind pendant is suspended on a 18-inch sterling silver charm.  On the back of the pendant is our Dreamscape Jewelry Design logo.

note:Star sapphires contain unusual tiny needle-like inclusions of rutile


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